Maintenance Agreements

Out of Control? We Keep the Peace

Maintenance agreements are like a cross between annual medical exams and insurance policies. They’re a cost-conscious way to keep close tabs on your cooling and heating systems to guarantee they are operating at maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Well-maintained systems safeguard your comfort and peace of mind while also saving you lots of loot because they use less energy. Plus, routine system inspections are the sure-fire way to spot small skirmishes before they escalate into full-blown assaults—or worse. When you let us find, fix and repair minor trouble, you avoid bigger—and more expensive—run-ins.

At Texas Air Authorities, we believe that regular TLC is the ammunition you need to avoid bad behavior. Our fully trained technicians will be armed to the teeth when they confront your cooling and heating systems, giving them a thorough pat-down search to ensure your comfort and protection.

We’re also sensitive to the budget challenges that families face. With that in mind, we offer the following maintenance plans to provide peace of mind without picking your pocket:

  • Bronze Star
  • Silver Star
  • Gold Star

To learn more about the benefits of routine maintenance and the details of each plan or to schedule maintenance service, just give us a jingle at 817-402-3576 or fill out our online form.