We’re Straight Shooters for Your Total Comfort

Why choose us? There are plenty of reasons why we stand out from the crowd when it comes to meeting your heating and cooling needs. Allow us to rattle off just a few of them.

We’re the Best in the West

When it comes to home comfort in Texas, we all know public enemy No. 1 is the heat. At Texas Air Authorities, we’re specialists when it comes to handling every cooling challenge under the sun. Our trained technicians have the experience, expertise and confidence to track down the bad guys and defeat them—every time. We’re also the partners you can rely on when it comes to your heating system and air quality needs.

We Always Get Our Man

There’s a reason people call us the best in the West. It’s because we know how to fix what the other guys can’t even find. We throw the book at every heating and cooling challenge—using a detailed diagnostic process to get to the heart of the problem. Before we attempt any kind of fix, we run a thorough diagnostics checkup on your system. Our attention to detail is what allows us to stand out and serve you better.

We Bring the Big Guns

Our main mission is to keep your home or business comfy and cozy. We haul out the heavy artillery for every repair, replacement and installation. Our customer service is second to none and we use only the finest products to ensure quality and dependability. When our trucks roll up, they are fully stocked so that we can get the job done quickly and conveniently. Plus, you’ll be able to distinguish us from all of those counterfeit operations out there because we wear uniforms—another sign that we mean business and are committed to serving and protecting your comfort.

We’re Bargain (Not Bounty) Hunters

We believe you shouldn’t have to rob a bank for quality service and exceptional workmanship. That’s why we never grill you or unfairly judge you. Instead, we will work with you to find affordable solutions to your cooling, heating and air quality needs and work within your budget. Plus, we offer special coupons and discounts along with financing choices that allow you to buy now and pay later.