6 Reasons Your Home Temperature Drops Below the Set Thermostat


We’ve all experienced it when you set your thermostat to the perfect temperature for the evening, only to find the house suddenly cooler than expected a few hours later. This phenomenon can be frustrating, but understanding why this happens can help you decide how to address the issue best. Let’s look at six of the most common reasons why your thermostat may drop below the set temperature and what you can do to fix it.

1. Your Air Filters Are Clogged

Clogged air filters are one of the main reasons a thermostat might drop below its set point because these blockages impair air flow and reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system. Instead of being able to circulate sufficient amounts of warm or cool air throughout the space your thermostat is in, too much energy is wasted fighting against dirt and debris that’s blocking airflow. To prevent these kinds of thermostat drops, make regular filter changes a part of your home maintenance routine, ensuring that the best air quality flows through your comfort systems 24/7. If you feel this might be the reason, do not hesitate to contact experts from Texas Air Authorities to have them replaced.

2. Your Vents Are Blocked

As dust and debris build up on your vents, they also become clogged and restrict the flow of warm air from your heater. This, in turn, reduces the temperature that passes through those particular vents, resulting in a lower overall temperature throughout your home than what the thermostat is set. Thankfully, this issue can be easily fixed by simply cleaning out your vents and replacing or upgrading any damaged or worn parts. Doing this will save you on your monthly energy bill.

3. Your Thermostat Needs to be Recalibrated

Making sure that your thermostat is calibrated correctly is essential. If it’s not, it might not register at the correct temperature. A myriad of reasons ranging from age to general wear and tear can cause an improperly calibrated thermostat, leading to wide swings and temperatures dropping below what you set. Fortunately, troubleshooting and calibrating a thermostat doesn’t have to be too difficult, and an HVAC technician can have it correctly calibrated within a short time.

4. Faulty Wiring

Faulty wiring can cause your thermostat’s registered temperature reading to be lower than the set temperature. Over time, the electrical circuitry in a thermostat becomes corroded or damaged due to normal wear and tear, leading to a drop in readings. It is essential to have a technician check all wiring connections before troubleshooting any further.

5. Your Thermostat Is Broken

This malfunction usually occurs due to normal wear and tear on the machine, but sudden temperature changes in your home or office can also trigger it. The key sign that you have a broken thermostat is when you adjust the temperature but get no corresponding change in the indoor air climate. If this happens to you, get an HVAC expert to replace the thermostat with a new one as soon as possible to avoid continued discomfort or damage to your heating or cooling system.

6. Incorrectly Sized System

If the system is too small for the space, it won’t be able to provide enough heat output to keep up with demand, causing temperatures throughout the house to drop significantly during peak usage times, especially during cold winter months. To prevent this, get an HVAC professional to evaluate your existing system and recommend necessary changes, including upgrading equipment.

Rely on the Experts

There are many reasons why your thermostat drops below the set temperature — from poor maintenance practices and faulty wiring connections down to old age. Maintaining proper care of HVAC systems and their associated components is critical for ensuring peak efficiency levels while keeping costs down. Additionally, calibrating or upgrading older model thermometers can go a long way toward preserving accuracy, and seeking out new models equipped with modern insulation materials helps guarantee consistent readings even after periods of extended use.

If you find that your thermostat is dropping below the temperature you’ve set, contact Texas Air Authorities technicians for help. With years of experience in HVAC repair and maintenance, we are equipped to handle such issues and help bring comfort to your home. We also offer comprehensive heating and cooling services in Arlington, TX and the surrounding areas. These services include installing, repairing, and maintaining air conditioners, heating systems, heat pumps, furnaces, indoor air quality, air filtration, and humidifiers. Contact Texas Air Authorities today for exceptional HVAC services.

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