What to Know About HVAC Systems and Home Warranties


Your air conditioning unit is prone to wear and tear regardless of its quality. However much you try to conduct proper maintenance, it is normal for your AC unit to break down or malfunction at some point. Repairing or replacing an air conditioning unit is a costly affair. Sometimes, your home warranty policy might not cover the full costs. It is important to choose a homeowner warranty that will cover your HVAC system.

What Is an HVAC Warranty?

A home warranty protects appliances in your home against wear and tear within their specified lifespans. The warranty also covers the appliance in case it malfunctions due to damage or defect resulting from a flaw in the manufacturer’s design. It is always important to engage a certified HVAC technician in case you encounter any issues with your unit.

In most cases, a home warranty will cover your HVAC unit, including the repair of its major components. Considering the cost of AC repairs and new air conditioning units, having this coverage can save you thousands of dollars.

What Exactly Is Covered in a Home Warranty?

There are several things covered by a home warranty. These include mini-splits, air conditioning systems, refrigerators, water heaters, and wall air conditioners. A home warranty also covers any damages to a home’s plumbing or electrical system. Thermostats and all major air conditioning components are also included in warranty plans. In the case of a ducted system, ductwork problems and HVAC dampers may also be covered.

What Isn’t Covered by Your Home Warranty?

As mentioned earlier, a home warranty doesn’t entirely cover everything in your home. Most companies choose the type of appliances to cover and which ones to leave out. It is up to you to agree to the specifications of the warranty and know what types of circumstances won’t be covered.

In some cases, the HVAC warranty plan won’t cover any issues outside usual wear and tear. For example, if your air conditioning unit breaks down due to a power failure or circuit overload, then the warranty policy won’t cover related damages.

Additionally, home warranty companies typically don’t cover anything related to weather events. Damage caused by storms, floods, strong winds, or heavy rainfall is not included in the coverage. Other types of plans, such as flood insurance, may cover HVAC damage from these events, however.

Your home warranty provider will also not cover repairs if any changes have been made to your air conditioning unit. For instance, if your HVAC unit is modified to heat and cool a larger space, the changes made will void your warranty because it was established under very specific terms related to the unit’s operation and capacity.

HVAC Maintenance and Home Warranties

Regular maintenance is crucial when it comes to improving the efficiency of an HVAC unit. It increases the lifespan of your unit and prevents unnecessary breakdowns. In addition to saving you money on HVAC operation and ensuring that you get the most life out of your system, getting regular maintenance is also a necessary part of maintaining your warranty.

In fact, one of the main reasons for a warranty provider not covering HVAC repairs is a lack of maintenance. Most warranty plans require that you get professional maintenance at least once a year, and many require biannual maintenance, or they won’t cover repairs. Typically, the warranty provider will request documentation to verify that your unit has been getting annual maintenance before providing any type of payout.

If you have a home warranty covering your HVAC unit, it’s very important to work closely with the HVAC technicians at Texas Air Authorities to ensure that your HVAC unit is always in perfect condition. Our team will conduct regular inspections to identify if there are any issues affecting the normal functioning of your unit. In addition to replacing filters, our maintenance techs will clean and lubricate moving parts, check wiring and calibrate your thermostat for optimum operation. With our help, you can keep your warranty valid and enjoy an efficient, long-lasting HVAC system.

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