Do Smart Thermostats Save Homeowners Money?


One of the newest crazes for homeowners to cash in on some energy savings throughout the year is the smart thermostat. The amount of energy savings that you can enjoy with this new technology highly depends on how you use it. You can maximize your energy savings when you utilize the information that we’re going to share with you below.

Easily Program Efficient Settings

One of the biggest benefits of using a smart thermostat is that it allows you to easily program in more energy-efficient settings. From the moment that you turn your new smart thermostat on, it will quickly configure the most optimal settings based on your preferences. Just having a consistent schedule of different desired temperatures throughout the day can help you to reduce your household’s energy usage as compared to having your thermostat set to one consistent temperature all day long.


A really convenient feature of smart thermostats that can allow you to cash in on energy savings is eco-mode. This turns your HVAC system off whenever you’re not at home. It will only turn on whenever it senses that the temperature inside of your home has reached an extremely high or low temperature, such as near freezing, to prevent your pipes from doing so. Your smart thermostat can determine when you’re not home by tracking your location on your smartphone or by using motion sensors throughout the rooms of your home.

Learned Behavior Suggestions

Over time, your smart thermostat can save you even more money by optimizing your HVAC system’s energy usage. These thermostats are specifically designed to track your energy usage and desired settings. It will make notable suggestions for thermostat settings that will keep your family comfortable while reducing your energy usage. You can select to implement these more efficient settings from your smartphone at any time. The best part is that your smart thermostat will continue to learn your behaviors over time as long as it lasts.

See Your Energy Expenses in Real-Time

We’ve all heard that knowledge is power. When it comes to your smart thermostat, it can produce data that allows you to see your current energy expenses. Most importantly, it allows you to mock alter those settings to see how the changes would impact your energy bill. When you get to see in real-time how different settings can adjust your energy bill, you can change your thermostat settings to fit within your energy budget.

More Precise Sensors

Some of the newer smart thermostats on the market today come with multiple sensors. These special sensors are to be placed in various rooms throughout your home and work to read the temperature in those areas. All of the sensors are wirelessly connected to your main thermostat and constantly feed it data about the temperature. Your smart thermostat will take all of the sensor temperatures into account when determining the actual temperature inside your home.

This feature can be especially useful when your thermostat is installed in a less than optimal location. When you use a smart thermostat with special sensors, you can be assured that your HVAC system isn’t working harder than it needs to in order to reach your desired temperature setting. If you use a thermostat that is placed in a bad location, such as in direct sunlight, your air conditioning system can end up working non-stop to cool your home and end up making it much colder than you wish.

Smart Setback Suggestions

Unless you’re an HVAC professional, it’s not likely that you know everything about efficient energy settings on your thermostat. If you’re like most homeowners, you know that you should turn your HVAC system off whenever you’re not at home to save money. However, have you thought of turning your thermostat down in the evenings during the winter? Most people sleep better in colder temperatures, which means you can cash in on energy savings during those overnight hours. Your new smart thermostat can provide you with setback suggestions like this to assist you in more energy savings.

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