Preparing Your Air Conditioner for the Summer


As a homeowner, routine maintenance is critical for your AC system. In preparation for the summer, you should schedule vital services to ensure that your AC operates as expected. During these tasks, you may find existing issues.

When getting ready for the summer, it’s best to follow a checklist. Try to inspect everything. This stops you from overlooking important tasks that may leave you without cool air.

Shut Down the Power

Turn off the breaker labeled for the AC. Shut off the power to the condenser, too. The breaker is in your circuit breaker box, and the condenser switch is near the unit.

Take Off the Grille and Remove the Filter

If the interior unit grille is dirty, it will probably need cleaning. You can take it outside and hose it down, and remove the debris. Do not put it back on the unit until it’s dry.

Throw away disposable air filters or clean reusable filters. A dirty air filter prevents airflow and stops cool air from circulating properly. Change out the filters at least once every two months. If you have pets, you may need to change your filters more often.

Let Professionals Clean Your AC’s Interior Unit

At Texas Air Authorities, Inc., we will clean the evaporator coils with a no-rinse foam cleanser. We will vacuum out the interior unit and clean around the fan and motor. Debris gets trapped on the fan blades and prevents them from turning. This causes the motor to overheat and fail. Once it’s clean, we put the grille back in place after the interior unit is clean. If you need your interior unit cleaned, contact us.

Have a Professional Lubricate All the Moving Parts

If you feel like your air conditioner needs to be lubricated, contact our professional technicians. We can inspect your unit and determine which moving parts need to be lubricated. Your manufacturer’s warranty specifies how much and what type of lubricant to use. We will apply the lubricant to all gears in the AC unit. Proper lubrication prevents grinding and damage as the system operates.

Clean the Condenser Coils

Remove the casing on the exterior unit, and remove the casing from the condenser coils. Pick up any leaves, twigs, or other larger debris off the unit. Spray a no-rinse foam cleanser onto the condenser coils. Scrub away debris with a soft-bristled brush, and then wipe away any debris with a clean rag.

Clean Out the Exterior Unit

Debris accumulates inside the exterior unit between seasons. Dirt, leaves, allergens, and other substances clog up the unit. Vacuum out dirt and other debris with a vacuum.

Inspect the Condensate Drain and Pan

The condensate drain removes condensation in the AC unit. Test the condensate drain by pouring a water and bleach mixture into the lines. The condensate drain runs into the home from the exterior unit. It has a T-shape and a removable cap. Remove the cap, and pour the mixture into the line. Next, flush it out with a water hose and replace the cap.

Review the condensate pan for damage. Mold or mildew on the pan show drainage issues. Clean the pan with a water and bleach mixture. If there are signs of damage, schedule repairs or replacement services promptly.

Have a Professional Inspect the Coolant Lines and Gas Levels

We’ll inspect the coolant lines for missing insulation. If there is insulation damage, a coolant leak is possible. If your home isn’t cool, the AC doesn’t have adequate coolant levels.

We complete inspections of the AC lines and test them for coolant leaks. We have certification for handling coolant for AC systems. After we repair the coolant lines, we use gauges to read the coolant levels. If they’re too low, we charge the AC according to the current readings.

Test the Thermostat

After we restore power to your AC unit, it’s important that you review the current temperature displayed on the thermostat. Engage the system, and pay attention to how often it cycles.

The thermostat reads the room temperature and engages the system as needed. A faulty thermostat engages the system too frequently and increases cooling costs. A sudden increase in energy costs indicates a problem with the thermostat.

A faulty thermostat engages an AC system several times within a short time. We can replace the thermostat to give you better energy efficiency.

Where to Get AC Services

At Texas Air Authorities, Inc., we offer exceptional AC services for residents in Arlington. We complete seasonal cleaning and maintenance services to prepare your AC for summer. We also offer thorough heating and cooling inspections, repairs, servicing, and new installations. To learn more about our services, come visit us today! We offer ductwork and indoor air quality services, too.

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