These 7 Bad HVAC Habits Will Cost You a Bundle


Kick Them to the Curb for 2021 and Beyond

The good guys at Texas Air Authorities are certainly happy that we’re finally looking at 2020 in the rearview mirror. How about you? It sure was a challenging year!

It got us thinking about the things homeowners should kick to the curb—such as bad habits with their HVAC systems that cause skyrocketing energy bills and frequent cooling and heating repairs in your Kennedale, TX, or nearby home.

Let’s take a closer look at behaviors you should leave behind when it comes to your HVAC system:

  1. You’re setting your thermostat too low. Did you know that a typical AC system can only keep your indoor air about 20 degrees cooler than the outside temperature? So, if it’s 100 degrees outside, your air conditioner may only be able to maintain an indoor temperature of 80 degrees. If your system is not designed properly to achieve whatever temperature you desire, if you set your thermostat lower, your AC will struggle all day—unsuccessfully—to reach the desired temp. This causes a huge strain on your system and a major spike in your energy bills.
  2. You forgot to schedule routine maintenance. Regular checkups are the key to reliable, affordable HVAC performance. Our experienced technicians will thoroughly inspect, clean and service your system during a routine maintenance visit. When you fail to provide your unit with this important TLC, energy bills will climb and minor problems can escalate into major disasters.
  3. You don’t change your air filter. Your system won’t run properly when the air filter is dirty. A filthy filter also results in poor indoor air quality. You should change your air filter every month. It’s easy! We can show you how or even perform this task for you.
  4. You’re not taking advantage of your smart thermostat. A smart thermostat can save you a bundle because your system will only operate when you need it. But that won’t happen if you don’t program it.
  5. You’re allowing air to leak in—and out. If your doors and windows aren’t properly sealed, conditioned air inside your home will escape, while outside air will creep in. This creates huge problems for your comfort—and your energy costs. Weather stripping your doors, caulking your windows and adding insulation to your attic can help eliminate this problem.
  6. You’re in denial about your inefficient system. If your system is more than 20 years old or if it’s not the right size for your home, you should seriously think about replacing it. Older systems cost more to operate because they aren’t as efficient as newer models. Systems that are too small or too large for your home also work harder, cost more to operate and still won’t provide you with the comfort you deserve.
  7. You’re closing registers and vents. You might think this is a great idea because your system will have a smaller area to heat or cool. But the reality is that it results in your system functioning like an improperly sized unit. Instead of saving money and improving your comfort, you will spend more and experience less-than-ideal comfort.

Call Texas Air Today!

Breaking bad habits can be challenging, but Texas Air Authorities is the team that will come to your rescue. We’re happy to answer any questions about best practices that will help your HVAC system work well, and you can call us when you need heater repair services in Mansfield, TX, and beyond. Give us a jingle at (817) 557-1035 or fill out our online form.

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