Need a New Furnace? Don’t Focus on Cost Alone


A Highly Experienced Installer Is Essential for Total Peace of Mind

Your furnace is kicking up a fuss—evidence that its days are numbered. Ouch! It’s time for you to hit the trail in search of new heating system firepower. Or is it?

The good guys at Texas Air Authorities offer exceptional heating repair services for customers in Mansfield, TX, and nearby. Before you pull the plug on that old furnace, let us thoroughly examine the evidence. At Texas Air Authorities, we will never talk you into a costlier replacement when a dependable, more affordable repair will do the trick.

However, if it is time put your old workhorse furnace out to pasture, we want to help you steer clear of a costly mistake that many homeowners make when in the market for a new heating system: focusing on the price alone.

Of course, we agree that cost matters. You want your new heating system to be as affordable as possible. But another extremely important factor to consider is the skill and experience of your installation team. That’s right! An inexperienced or disreputable contractor can make mistakes that will rob you of your comfort and cost you a ton of loot in the long run.

Here are just some of the problems you will avoid by choosing a trusted and experienced installer like us:

  1. The wrong fit. Don’t let your contractor assume your new furnace should be the same size as your old one. First, it’s possible your existing furnace was sized incorrectly or it was not upgraded when home renovations or some other change necessitated it. Plus, today’s units are more efficient so a smaller system may be all you need now. Your contractor needs to measure your space to make sure the size of your new furnace is right. A furnace that’s too big (or too small) will not operate efficiently, which will compromise your comfort, boost your energy bills, cause greater wear and tear on your furnace and increase the risk of repairs and breakdowns.
  2. The wrong ducts. For your furnace to operate efficiently, you also need a duct system that meshes with your furnace and your space. Some contractors will use an old, inadequate duct system when installing a new furnace. The sharp shooters at Texas Air Authorities will always check for leaks and other problems, replacing the ductwork if necessary.
  3. The wrong duct installation techniques. Some contractors will cut corners, using cheap materials and shoddy workmanship when installing ductwork. They can leave gaps and cracks when installing your ductwork or use tape instead of higher quality sealer. Not Texas Air Authorities. We come armed with quality materials and time-tested installation processes.
  4. Inadequate drain systems. Your furnace produces wastewater, which needs to be drained properly. When the drainage system is inferior, you end up with water leaks that could cause serious damage to your property. Water leaks can promote mold growth and other air quality issues. When temperatures dip in the winter, they also can cause pipes to freeze.
  5. Improper exhaust. Your furnace generates carbon monoxide and other toxic gases that need to be properly vented to the outdoors. This requires a properly sized damper or exhaust flue. If this work is not done properly, you are at risk for toxic gases building up in your home. (Make sure you have a properly functioning carbon monoxide detector!)

The benefits of a properly installed furnace system include:

  • Lower service costs
  • Longer system lifespan
  • Improved comfort
  • Greater safety
  • Less noise

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