Are You a Fan of Texas-Based Trivia?


Don’t Sweat It—We’ve Got You Covered!

Who’s ready for September when the hot, sticky weather will start to ease off a bit? The good guys at Texas Air Authorities sure are. Speaking of high temps, did you know the hottest day ever recorded in Texas was on June 28, 1994, in Monahans, a city near Odessa? It was a blazing 120 degrees!

How’s that for a little Texas trivia? Here’s another tidbit: Texas Air Authorities has been the premier provider of trusted air conditioning repairs in Arlington, TX, and nearby communities for decades. We’re family-owned and our roots run deep here in the Lone Star State.

In an effort to keep our minds off of the heat, let’s dive into a little more Texas-related trivia:

  1. We lead the nation in crude oil production.
  2. Texas was its own country for nearly a decade—from 1836 to 1845, when we agreed to become part of the United States.
  3. When the General Motors assembly plant opened in Arlington in 1954, workers earned $1.78 per hour.
  4. In the 1930s and ‘40s, notables such as Clark Gable, Mae West, Bonnie & Clyde and Al Capone flocked to Arlington, where an illegal casino, Top O’ Hill Terrace, was the biggest gambling attraction in the country. The property is now maintained by Arlington Baptist University and tours are available. You can learn more here.
  5. Brazoria County has bragging rights when it comes to birding. The county is home to about 400 species of birds.
  6. Do you love clapping along with “Deep in the Heart of Texas”? Of course, you do! This 1941 classic song is irresistible! It’s so irresistible, in fact, that the British Broadcasting Corporation wouldn’t play it during working hours in 1942. The reason? BBC officials feared it would be dangerous if wartime factory workers operating heavy machinery got the urge to clap along.
  7. Here’s the dish: Clark, TX, changed its name to DISH in 2005 in exchange for the DISH Network providing free DVRs and free basic satellite service to every resident for 10 years. The population is just over 200 people.
  8. In 2014, Mansfield was ranked No. 17 on CNN/Money Magazine’s “Best Places to Live” list. This beautiful gem of a city also was on the list in 2007 (No. 83), 2009 (No. 24) and 2012 (No. 30).
  9. Mansfield was originally named Mansfeild because the town formed in the shadow of a three-story brick grist mill built by R.S. Man and Julian Feild between 1856 and 1859. However, the town’s name was misspelled so many times that officials finally relented to the more popular spelling.
  10. “Texas” means “crazy” in Norwegian slang.

Crazy? Really? Well, the team at Texas Air Authorities is sure of this: We’re crazy about our amazing customers here in the great state of Texas. We will always be here for you if you need a reliable, affordable air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX, or throughout our service area. When you need us, give us a jingle at (817) 557-1035 or fill out our online form.

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