If Saving Our Customers Money Is a Crime …


The Good Guys at Texas Air Are Guilty as Charged!

Here at Texas Air Authorities, we have a confession to make. While we take great pride in being no-nonsense, law-and-order types sworn to protect and serve your comfort, we promise we’ll look the other way if you decide to take advantage of this steal.

Yes. You read that right. We plan to let you get away with stealing. But only when it comes to our incredible AC maintenance services in Arlington, TX, and beyond, because this deal is a real steal.

Once you learn the details of our thorough, dependable, affordable maintenance services, we’re convinced that you won’t be able to resist them. Here’s why: It’s no secret that the summer sun is blazingly hot in these parts, forcing your air conditioner to work nonstop to keep you and your family comfy and cool. And when your AC system works so hard for so long, it can result in costly repairs and, even worse, a costlier replacement.

Savings So Good That They Should Be Criminal

That’s where our AC maintenance services become the trusted partner you can’t do without. During our thorough maintenance inspection, we’ll give your AC unit the third degree—checking for any evidence of potential problems. We’ll share the results of our investigation with you and then make any necessary adjustments and repairs. As a result, we’ll keep your unit operating reliably and affordably for years to come.

At Texas Air Authorities, nothing makes us happier than solving the case and keeping our customers cool and comfortable. When you partner with us, we’ll ride on over to your house to give your central air conditioning system the time, attention and TLC is deserves.

The Real Crime: Not Scheduling Routine Maintenance

Our techs have an arsenal of ammunition at their fingertips. We’ll arrive in a fully stocked vehicle so that we can complete our investigation—and any necessary adjustments and repairs—in one visit. We have the utmost respect for your time and your busy schedule.

Of course, the verdict is in your hands. But as you weigh the evidence, please consider all that we do during your maintenance service, including:

  • Clean condenser coil & condensate drain line
  • Measure refrigerant charge
  • Clean or replace the filter
  • Check discharge pressure
  • Check amp draws on all electrical motors
  • Calibrate thermostat
  • Check & tighten all electrical connections
  • Lubricate motors
  • Check system operation
  • … And more!

At Texas Air Authorities, we often compare our routine maintenance services to community policing. Community policing keeps neighborhoods safe, secure and as trouble-free as possible. That’s exactly what our maintenance services do for your AC, furnace or heat pump. We make sure your HVAC systems are always on their best behavior. The results are unbeatable savings, lasting comfort and total peace of mind.

We understand that each household we serve has unique needs and budget challenges. That’s why we offer three money-saving plans: Gold Star, Silver Star and Bronze Star. We’ll be happy to share the details of each plan with you.

Schedule Your AC Maintenance Service Today

Whether you need air conditioner maintenance in Kennedale or indoor air quality services in Hurst, TX, we’re the team that aims for your total satisfaction—every time. We’re also sharpshooters when it comes to AC replacement and installation, air conditioning repair and more. Learn more or schedule your service today. Simply give us a jingle at (817) 557-1035 or fill out our online form.

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