Selling Your House? Consider These 6 Upgrades


The Good Guys Can Help With No. 1 on the List

Did you know that one of the wisest moves you can make when trying to sell your house is to improve its energy efficiency? That’s right! Smart homebuyers know that purchasing a house that wastes energy will drain your bank account and rob you of your comfort.

Don’t sweat it! The good guys at Texas Air Authorities have gathered convincing evidence about the upgrades you should make for a great return on investment when selling your home. Of course, your HVAC system is a huge part of your home’s energy efficiency. So, we highly recommend that home sellers (and even those who are staying put) consider our crackerjack heating and air conditioning installation services in Arlington, TX, or wherever you call home. When you buy a new HVAC system from Texas Air Authorities, our crackerjack team uses its superior skills for a seamless installation.

Savvy Buyers Sniff Out Savings Like These

How much can you save with a new HVAC system? We’ve witnessed this ourselves so our testimony is as credible as it gets: You can save about $200 per year on your energy bills when you replace an old, inefficient system with an Energy Star-rated new model. Plus, you’ll notice a huge improvement in how comfy and cozy your home is.

How old is too old? In general, a well-maintained air conditioner will last about 15 years. But if your AC unit is more than 10 years old, you should start to consider an upgrade, especially if you’re spending large sums on repairs.

Other steps you can take to improve your home’s energy efficiency are: insulate your attic, install new windows and update your water heater.

Of course, not all upgrades will add resale value to your property.

Here are 6 we recommend:

  1. Improve energy efficiency. The good guys at Texas Air will be more than happy to ride on over and help you upgrade your HVAC system.
  2. Focus on your curb appeal. You have just one chance to make a first impression with homebuyers. Make sure the exterior of your home is neat and attractive. You don’t have to spend a lot to make changes that will impress. Give your front door a fresh coat of paint. Plant flowers. Trim bushes and keep your lawn lush.
  3. Neutral is best. Choose white or soft paint colors and keep it simple and modern when upgrading tiles, faucets, lighting, hardware and flooring. Flashy or bold choices can scare away potential buyers.
  4. Improve lighting. Poorly lit rooms feel small and claustrophobic. Strive for bright and airy to make rooms feel spacious.
  5. Remodel the kitchen. Modern appliances, granite countertops, plenty of storage space and a functional/friendly island are huge selling points. But you don’t have to spend a lot of money to update your kitchen. Focusing on colors and textures can spruce up the space and make it feel like the heart of your home. A minor kitchen remodel can have an 87 percent ROI.
  6. Make over the bathroom. According to some statistics, a minor bathroom remodel can result in a 102 percent ROI. Regrout tile. Recaulk the shower, tub and toilet areas. Replace the toilet. You’re done!

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