Is Pet Hair One of Your Pet Peeves?


These 5 Ideas Could Improve Your IAQ

You cherish your family dog or cat, but you also value your ability to breathe easy in your own home. Sometimes, the two don’t exactly go hand in hand. Pet hair and dander can fill your indoor air, adversely impacting your breathing—especially if you suffer from allergies, asthma or other upper respiratory conditions.

At Texas Air Authorities, we understand that you would never utter the words, “Get along, little doggie,” or “Get along, little kitty.” So, we are here to remind you that our arsenal of powerful weapons isn’t limited to your heating replacement service in Hurst, TX, or your air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX. We’re also sharpshooters with your indoor air quality, including air filtration, air ventilation and air purification.

In addition to checking out our high-powered services, we offer these tips to improve your indoor air quality and reduce the amount of pet dander that circulates through your indoor space:

  1. Groom your pet regularly. Grooming not only cuts down the amount of dander in your home but also makes your precious pet look and feel better. Pet owners should bathe their furry partners every two weeks or so and brush them at least once every other day. You can use special dander wipes to remove dander from your kitty.
  2. “Groom” your home frequently, too. When you have pets, routine deep cleaning is a must. Regular vacuuming, especially in the areas your pet frequents, can improve your IAQ. Don’t forget that pet dander can settle in out-of-the-way places, too, so it’s important to dust and wipe surfaces throughout your home.
  3. Clean pet cages, beds and litter boxes frequently. These areas are breeding grounds for dander. Clean cages and litter boxes daily if possible. If you have multiple cats, you should try to clean the litter box twice a day. Pet bedding should be washed each time you bathe your pet.
  4. Change those air filters. Your HVAC system’s filter is a workhorse that traps dirt, dust, dander and more before it circulates into your home. Clogged or dirty filters allow garbage to enter your HVAC system and foul up the air you breathe. Clogged filters also adversely affect airflow from your vents. Change your filter at least monthly to help keep dander, hair and more under control.
  5. Consider an air purification or air filtration system. Our systems will help remove dander and other material from your indoor space. Contact us for details!

The good guys at Texas Air Authorities will always have your back when you’re looking for time-tested and innovative ways to protect your indoor air from unwelcome guests. We’re also the team you want on patrol when you need high-caliber heating installation services in Euless, TX, or superior air conditioning repair services in Mansfield, TX. Learn more or schedule your service today. Simply give us a jingle at (817) 803-5784 or fill out our online form.

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