Get Ready for Spring Training!


Cover All Your (Air Conditioning) Bases Before Opening Day

It’s time to round ’em up, baseball fans! It may be January, but Major League Baseball’s opening day is right around the corner. In fact, Texas Rangers fans will kick off the upcoming baseball season this month with a fan fest at Globe Life Park in Arlington. This early taste of baseball is a reminder that warmer months are on the horizon. If you’re a season ticket holder, you know those summer nights at the ballpark can reach a sweltering 100 degrees. You and your posse certainly don’t want to mosey on back to the ranch to an overheated house. You want your AC to work!

Before the Texas heat claims your sanity, give Texas Air Authorities a call for air conditioning installation service in Arlington, TX. Let the trusted and reliable technicians at Texas Air Authorities help prepare your air conditioning unit for the weather to come. Just like ball players, if you want to hit a grand slam, you need to put in the work and maintenance to be at your best before opening day.

“Spring Training” Tips for Your Air Conditioner

Want your cooling system to be the best in the West? Cover these four bases this month—before that Lone Star State humidity hits.

  1. Inspect your system. Take time during the early part of the year to examine your unit. If you find any debris or buildup, use a broom to sweep away old leaves, sticks or dirt.
  2. Consider a cover. Examine the unit for any damage, cracks or broken parts. If you find heavy damage, you might consider a waterproof or vinyl cover to prevent any further winter damage.
  3. Keep it cozy. Experiencing excessive freezing or ice? Consider adding extra insulation around the element.
  4. Run an AC test. Simply turn the AC off and on to make sure it’s functioning properly.

Texas Air Authorities Will Put You in the Big Leagues

Even the best batter on the Rangers won’t come out swinging on opening day without preparation and training. It takes a combination of athletic skills to perform at the top. Players who don’t practice their fielding and hitting during the offseason won’t be breaking any records on the field. The same can be said for the experts at Texas Air Authorities. To be the best in the West, our technicians need to know their stuff, too. And they do! Whether you’re in need of repair, installation, diagnostics, customer service or quality workmanship, the cooling, heating and indoor air quality specialists at Texas Air Authorities will keep you in the game.

So, batter up, Texans! Don’t strike out this spring. If your cooling unit gets thrown a curve ball, let the professionals at Texas Air Authorities come to the rescue. The good guys at Texas Air Authorities have done their training and can help you score big when it comes to air conditioning replacement services in Mansfield, TX.

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