Wanted: Energy-Wasting “Outlaws” and Accomplices


Small Changes Can Have a Major Impact on the Planet, Energy Bills

Every hombre north of the Rio Grande knows by now that everything’s bigger in Texas—and that includes Earth Day. The University of Texas at Dallas is among the institutions putting a charge of dynamite into the occasion, extending Earth Day to Earth Week. The way Texas Air Authorities sees it, wasting energy in your home technically is not a crime. But when you consider how it affects our planet and your utility bills, it’s not exactly model behavior.

Pulling Out the Firepower

UT Arlington’s Earth Day observance draws a bead on a celebration of people and the planet with vendors from the Dallas-Fort Worth area promoting their environmental messages. Texas Air Authorities is targeting your air conditioning system, including air conditioning repair service in Mansfield, TX, and beyond. UT Dallas’s weeklong agenda runs the gamut, from a free garden workshop to a Butterfly Flutterby, the college’s hot spot for monarch butterflies. And its Operation Upcycle enables you to give your old blue jeans a leg up in the world by upcycling them into shoes for a child in Uganda.

Likewise, Texas Air Authorities is roping in Earth Day to help safeguard its many loyal customers. While our pros are always available to ride shotgun, there are cost- and energy-saving steps that you can take before calling in the good guys at Texas Air:

  • Take an oath to keep your thermostat one to two degrees higher this spring and summer. In fact, flip the switch on your thermostat while it’s still fairly mild outside and double-check that your unit kicks on. From there, verify that your comfort system is blowing cool air.
  • Consider the evidence and use portable fans and/or ceiling fans. Let’s see … should the ceiling fan blades be turning clockwise or counter-clockwise in the summer? Ceiling fans must be rotating counter-clockwise in summer to generate a breeze downward to cool you off—and clockwise in winter. Rest assured, you will be asking yourself the same question next April.
  • Investigate the advantages of lowering the temperature of your water heater.
  • Track down savings by upgrading to LED lights.
  • See the error of your ways and start routinely replacing air filters. This simple step should be done every month or so. It prevents your system from being overworked and running inefficiently. It also helps remove allergens and pollutants from your home and sends them to the jailhouse—greatly improving your indoor air quality.
  • Keep an eye out for the bad guys—outdoor debris, shrubs and bushes that are leaning on or over your system. Simply keep everything cut back.

Once you have taken those steps, it’s time—as temperatures warm up and you begin to rely on your system more and more— to take five paces, reach for your holster and draw on the big guns at Texas Air Authorities to:

  • Schedule an air conditioning maintenance appointment.
  • Install a smart thermostat.
  • Inspect the duct system.
  • Clean the blower fan blades.
  • Inspect the condensate drain.
  • …And more!

We’ve Got You Covered

Any buckaroo from the Lone Star State is well aware that central air conditioning is not a luxury. It’s a necessity. Texas Air Authorities has you covered with our many economical programs, whether it’s air conditioning installation, repair and maintenance, ductless mini-split systems, commercial air conditioning or AC replacement service in Euless, TX, and throughout our stomping grounds.

To learn more about Texas Air Authorities and how our well-trained posse of technicians can ride to your rescue, contact us online or give us a jingle at (817) 557-1035.

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